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The athletic recruitment process is a long, complex journey with many deadlines and requirements. It starts as early as eighth grade and involves building relationships with coaches that last throughout your high school years. Our website is designed to give you a heads up on everything you need to know to be considered for athletic recruitment and play sports in college. We give you the inside scoop about what college coaches look for and what they expect in potential recruits, as well as current statistics on your odds of playing at the college level. We also have expert advice on how you can improve your odds by effectively marketing yourself to ultimately secure a college sports scholarship.

College Scholarship Opportunities

Whether your goal is to become a professional basketball player or to be an Olympic gymnast; we have the resources to put you on the right path to success. Your career as a professional athlete starts in college and we know how to get you there! Our website shows you the steps to earn a college scholarship in over 25 sports from football to softball.

Understanding College Recruiting

Athletes who are interested in playing at the college level need to focus their time and energy on improving their skills and technique, not wasting time trying to understand all the details and deadlines associated with being recruited. Recruiting services are experienced professional who can handle the paperwork and marketing for you, so you can worry about developing your sport’s resume and working on your stats.

Initial Eligibility & Academic Requirements

There is more to being accepted into college than just your athletic abilities. Colleges and universities have specific academic requirements that you must meet in order to be even considered. It doesn’t matter if you are counting on an athletic scholarship, you still need a strong grade point average, perform well on standardized tests and have successfully completed the core courses required for college admission.