What We Do:

We are dedicated to help provided you with information that will help you receive an athletic scholarship for college.  Our experienced professionals understand the guidelines, requirements and deadlines, so that you don’t miss your chance because you were not prepared.  We have the experience and the connections to get you onto a coach’s radar, so you make his recruiting shortlist.

We will provide you with the necessary information to market your strengths and your athletic abilities to college coaches, so that it will significantly improves your chances of being recognized and recruited.

Trust your future to a professional!  It is too important not to!

Our Focus:

College Recruiting

Our staff of experienced professionals will help you understand the athletic recruiting process and steps required to connect with college coaches and get recruited. Steps such as: creating an introduction letter, sports resume and highlight video that showcases everything you have to offer.  We will also keep you informed of any deadlines or requirements, so you don’t miss out on your opportunity due to paperwork or your academic performance.

There is tough competition to be recruited to play sports in college and even tougher competition for scholarships.  Our experts will give you the advantage you need to stand out against every other applicant.

College Athletic Scholarships

Our website provides detailed information about how you can earn a sports scholarship in over 25 recognized collegiate athletic programs.  We provide with the hard facts about your odds of receiving a scholarship and what you can do to improve your chances.


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