College Athletic Scholarships

Understanding the types of Athletic Scholarships

There are many different types of athletic scholarships.  Athletic scholarships can come in the form of a full ride scholarships, partial scholarships, grants or financial awards.  Only the very best athletes will receive a full scholarship covering your tuition, housing, meals, books and other student related expenses.

If you are not fortunate enough to get a full scholarship, you could still be granted a partial scholarship.  In the case of a partial scholarship only a portion of your expenses are covered.  It varies depending on specific scholarship, but it is still helpful to receive a little extra towards the massive expense that comes with a college or university education.

The other two types of funding are a merit award or a college grant.  A merit award is usually paid directly to the college or the university to cover a portion of the tuition.  Grants are given out to help promising young people afford the astronomical expense of furthering their education.

Whether you receive a full, partial or a smaller financial award towards your college expenses, any assistance helps make it more manageable.  If you are an athlete with a sports resume that is impressive enough to be worthy of a scholarship, then you owe it to yourself to pursue it.  Make sure you are professionally marketing yourself to recruiters and coaches as early as your grade eight year.

Odds of Receiving an Athletic Scholarship

If your dream is to play in the big leagues and to make it as a professional athlete, then it is important that you are realistic about your chances.  You not only have to be the star player on your own team, but you have to stand out against every other player in your division, especially if you need a scholarship.

There is fierce competition because every young athlete’s dream is to make it to the Pros!  Professional athletes are treated liked celebrities and they can have very lucrative careers, especially if they are successful enough to land product endorsements.  There are so many other young athletes who want it just as much as you, so it is critical that you excel beyond your competitors.

Being the star player at your high school, does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.  So many athletes that are worthy of a scholarship are not even seen by recruiters because they don’t take the necessary steps to promote themselves.  Just think that only 3% to 4% of high school athletes end up playing at the college level and an even smaller percentage of those athlete’s will receive a sports scholarship.  That is why it is so important that you learn how to market yourself and get noticed by college coaches.

Destiny vs Determination

If you feel that being granted an athletic scholarship is your destiny, then you better have the determination to back it up.  Sport scholarships are not just handed out to the best player on each team.  You need to put yourself out there and build strong relationships with potential coaches.

If you need to rely on an athletic scholarship to afford your education, then you need a proven game plan for success in the recruiting process.   It is crucial that you put just as much time, effort and attention into marketing yourself for a scholarship, as you do into training to be the best athlete possible.

It helps if to consult an expert who can guide you through the scholarship process.  They know what it takes and they can make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure your eligibility.  That put your name in coach’s minds for you, so you can focus on being the best athlete possible.

Scholarships for Athletes: The Basics

There are many different types of athletic scholarships available covering a various school related expenses.  Depending on your abilities as an athlete you may be fortunate enough to receive a full ride scholarship or a smaller award that still covers a portion of your expenses.  There is tough competition for scholarships and potential candidates needs to start the recruiting process as young as possible.   
Athletic scholarships are only guaranteed for one year and they need to be renewed each year to reconfirm your eligibility.  Every college has their own specific requirements and guidelines that you will need to follow to maintain your scholarship for the entire four years.

The National Letter of Intent is a document that is used to indicate a student athlete commitment to attend a participating National Collegiate Athletic Association college or university in the United States.

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