College Baseball Recruiting

How college baseball players are evaluated

There are specific recruiting guidelines that have been compiled using feedback from college coaches that clearly outlines how baseball players are evaluated.

College level baseball players are typically evaluated on five skill sets:

(1) Your arm strength and your throwing ability are fundamental to be a competitive baseball player at the college level.  Coaches will look into your speed, your release and your accuracy to determine if you have what it takes to be an asset on their team.

(2) Another aspect of evaluation is your range and your fielding ability.  Coaches will pay attention to your footwork, your response time and your control over your body.

(3) A college baseball player also needs the ability to fly around the bases.  Coaches will evaluate your base running ability based on speed, control and footwork once the ball connects with the bat.

(4) Coaches also consider your offensive ability using your batting average.  They will evaluate the power and speed of your swing.

(5) If you are a pitcher, your abilities on the mound will be closely monitored for arm strength, speed, balance and consistency.  You will need to demonstrate that you can throw strikes on command, if you expect a college coach to be interested in you.

There are other athletic and academic factors that are necessary for you to have to be successful in the baseball recruiting process.  You should have awards for your accomplishments from your current coaches to show that you are an asset on your high school baseball team.  You should also have a strong marketing package with a video highlighting your talents and a sport’s resume listing your baseball statistics and playing history.

Academically you will need good grades, honour courses and extracurricular activities that show your commitment to your education.  Coaches will want to look at your GPA, SAT scores and your overall performance in school.  By demonstrating a strong academic work ethic, it will reinforce that fact that you have a strong work ethic on the field.

Why college baseball camps matter

College baseball camps give you an opportunity to check out your competition and see if you have what it takes to continue baseball at the next level.  They are also an invaluable way to gain exposure and to demonstrate your abilities to potential coaches.

Baseball camps focus on all the elements that coaches are going to evaluate before they give you one of the limited open positions on a college team.  The training camps will help you develop your skills and techniques, so that you meet all the requirements necessary for a chance at a scholarship.

Coaches also want an opportunity to see how you play as a team.  Baseball players need to be team players who will work as hard on the entire team’s success as they do on their own success.  If you want to be recruited, then you should attend college baseball camps every summer to increase your exposure.

Get recruited for college baseball

The necessary steps to being recruited for college baseball are:

1)    Make sure you are constantly working on your athletic ability, your arm strength, your speed and your batting average

2)    Consult a recruitment specialist, so that you understand all of the requirements and guidelines

3)    Send out a personalized introduction letter to every potential college coach.

4)    Hire a professional or service to create a solid marketing package that includes a dynamic skills video, so you have evidence of your abilities to give to potential coaches.

5)    Make sure you attend summer camps and showcases to gain more exposure

6)    Maintain good grades and a reputation for being a hard worker on and off the field.

7)    Build lasting relationships with college coaches by keeping them updated on all of your recent achievements.

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