College Field Hockey Recruiting

How college field hockey athletes are evaluated

There are specific technical field hockey skills that college coaches look when they evaluate potential athletes.  If you can clearly demonstrate the following to a prospective coach, your chances of a scholarship will significantly increase.

  • Speed & Agility
  • Your passing Ability
  • Ability to anticipate plays
  • Scoring Ability
  • Defense & Hitting
  • Goal Tending
  • Trapping and Tackling
  • Ball handling
  • Carrying and dribbling the ball
  • Team Leadership

If you meet the athletic expectation, you still need good grades and a strong marketing package to be considered for a field hockey scholarship.

Why college field hockey camps matter

Field hockey camps give a coach an opportunity to watch you in action and see how hard you really work.  They are looking for field hockey players who push themselves and stand out amongst the other women.  In the same manner, college camps give you an chance to check out your competition and see other field hockey players who are competing for the same scholarships.

Field hockey camps are also a great way to gain exposure and start building lasting relationships with potential coaches.  Field hockey camps will strengthen and develop your ball handling, your passing and scoring ability.  Coaches need to see that you are constantly striving to improve if they are going to give you one of the few scholarships they have to offer.

Field hockey camps are a worthwhile investment if you need athletic funding for college.  They will show a college coach how you work as part of a team and that you are willing to go above and beyond to succeed.  Don’t pass on your chance of a scholarship, just because you don’t want to spend your summer at a field hockey camp.

Steps to be recruited and play college field hockey

These are the steps you should take if you want to be recruiting for college field hockey:

1)    Consult an expert who will help you understand all of the recruitment requirements and guidelines.

2)    Send out an introduction letter explaining your accomplishments to every potential college field hockey coach.

3)    Practice your stick handling, your speed, your technique and your passing ability, so that you are always improving on the fundamental field hockey skills.

4)    Hire a recruiting expert to develop an effective marketing package with a highlight video, so you have something professional to give to potential coaches.

5)    Sign up for a field hockey training camp to gain more exposure.

6)    Maintain a high GPA and try to earn awards for extra circular activities to show that you are well-rounded.

7)    Build solid relationships with college coaches by always responding to them in a timely and professional manner.

Need Help Getting Recruited?

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