College Football Recruiting

How college football athletes are evaluated

Your size and physical strength are paramount to the football recruitment process.  Coaches need to evaluate your height, weight, speed, and muscle strength against every other high school football player.  It is important to research their expectations; so that you make sure you fit into their roster.

There are other important athletic and academic requirements if you hope on being recruited at the college level.  You should be receiving awards for your accomplishments from your current coaches to show that you are an asset on your high school football team.  You also need an effective marketing package with a highlight video and a sport’s resume that depicts all of your abilities.

Why college football recruiting camps matter

If you want to continue playing football in college, then you need to attend football training camps.  These camps show coaches that you are serious about football and that you are constantly working on improving your game.  The better you become as a football player, the better your chances will be of being recruited.

Camps, combines and showcases also shows coach colleges how you stack up against tough competition.  You will be motivated to hit harder and run faster, so that you stay competitive with every other football player on the field.  Camps have a tendency to bring out the best in everyone.

Steps to be recruited and play college football

The necessary steps in order to be recruited for college football are:

1)    Make sure you are constantly working on your agility, your physical strength and your speed.

2)    Coaches have specific height and weight expectations, so make sure your physic fits their expectations.

3)    Meet with a recruitment expert, so you can learn about all of the requirements and guidelines

4)    Send out a personalized and professional introduction letter to every potential college coach.

5)    Hire a recruitment specialist to create a marketing package that includes a link to a highlight video that you can email to coaches after you have made first contact.

6)    Make sure you attend college football camps and showcases, so coaches can see you in action.

7)    Get good grades!  Coaches will always pick a football player with academic awards over someone who struggles with their studies.

8)    Be well rounded.  Make sure coaches see that you have a reputation for being a hard worker on and off the field.

9)    Build positive relationships with college coaches by keeping them informed on all of your recent achievements.

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