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You may be the best softball player on your high school team, but that does not guarantee you will make it at the college level.  You first need to one of the 1% that makes a college team and then you need to be able to afford it.  If financing is a concern for you, then you have to work twice as hard to market yourself, so you will be considered for a softball scholarship.

Every high school softball player wants a college athletic scholarship, but not every player will even be considered.  You need to stand out amongst your competitors by breaking records, winning important games and receiving awards.  You should also know how to build relationships with college coaches that will make them want you on their team.            

How to get a College Softball Scholarship

The most important step in getting a softball scholarship is making sure you are noticed by college coaches.  If they haven’t heard that you are your team’s MVP or actually seen you play softball, then they may not know you even exist.  You could miss out on your chance of receiving a softball scholarship solely because you didn’t reach out to potential coaches.  Start marketing yourself to college coaches before you start high school, so they have the opportunity to watch you grow and develop.

Once you have a coach that is interested in you, then you have to prove to them that you would be a valuable asset to their softball team.  They need to see that you are fast, versatile and determined to succeed.  They also need to see that you have good academic marks and a reputation for being a hard working athlete.

Getting Noticed by College Softball Coaches

The best way to get a coach to notice you is to convince him to come watch your play in a major game.  Introduce yourself first, then invite him to watch your next softball game when you give the coach a professional sports marketing package, so he can evaluate your skills.

The better that you can represent yourself to a college coach, the better your chances are that the coach will come out to see you in action on the field.  Once you can get a coach to come watch you play, then it is up to you and your talents on the field to impress the coach.  If you are able to convince a recruiter or coach to watch you play, then you odds of earning a softball scholarship will increase drastically.

Steps to improve your odds of earning a Softball Scholarship

To make yourself stand out against all the other great high school softball players then you need to win the championships for your division.  Coaches look for strong pitchers or home run hitters who can lead their team to victory when it matters most.  You also need to have consistently impressive stats, good grades and lasting relationships with college coaches.

The easiest and most effective way to improve your odds is to ask for advice from a scholarship professional.  There are experienced experts who understand the recruitment process and they can guide you through it.  It will help to have someone with the college connections and the marketing skills to improve your chances of being awarded a softball scholarship.

College Softball Scholarship Availability

How many high school softball players am I competing against?

There are 373,535 softball players competing for only a few college softball positions that become available each year.

How many softball players were in Division 1 in 2010-2011?

Back in 1990-1991 softball only had 174 teams with 2,949 players.  Now in 2010-2011, there were 283 teams and 5,633 athletes playing softball at a division 1 college.

How many Division 1 Softball Scholarships are available to softball players?

In 2010-2011 there were 3,432 division 1 scholarships available for softball players.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 1 if you make the team?

There are 3,432 softball scholarships available to the 5,633 who end up making it onto a division 1 college softball team. Meaning you have a 61% chance of earning a scholarship to play D1 softball.

How many softball players were in Division 2 in 2010-2011?

In 2010-2011 division 2 colleges had a total of 279 teams and 5,355 female softball players.  That is a huge jump from the 161 teams and 2,657 players in 1990-1991.

How many Division 2 Scholarships are available to softball players?

Division 2 colleges have only 1,900 scholarships available for the 373,535 high school softball competitors.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 2 if you make the team?

Division 2 colleges have 1,900 softball scholarships available, if you are one of the 373,535 that is lucky enough to make the team.  There are only 5,355 spots available at division 2 colleges, so you have a 35% of receiving a scholarship if you are good enough to make a college team.

How many Softball players were in Division 3 in 2010-2011?
Women’s softball has grown from 245 teams and only 4,118 players in 1990-1991 to 407 teams and 7,200 players in 2010-2011.  That is over a 75% increase in just twenty years.

How many Division 3 Scholarships are available?

Although the majority of the college softball opportunities are at division 3 colleges, there are no scholarships offered to the 7,200 division 3 players.

How many NAIA Softball Scholarships are available?

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has 2,050 scholarships available to softball players who want to continue their softball career at the college level.

How many Junior College Softball Scholarships are available?

There is an impressive 11,280 scholarships available for softball at the junior college level.


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