College Wrestling Camps

Here you’ll find a list of the wrestling camps offered and promoted by the top D1 schools in the country. The camps listed on this list are primarily intended for intermediate to advanced players (men only) interested in competing at the college level (and beyond)!

J Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camp

About the camp: In teaching a deeper understanding of the skills of discipline, sacrifice, dedication, hard work, responsibility, and accountability, you will be pushed to the limits both physically and mentally, resulting in a dramatic change in the way you approach not only wrestling, but life. We are committed to training you in a way no other program can by increasing performance levels and giving you a new appreciation for what hard work really means.

Who should attend: Boys age 14 – 18.

Fees: Vary based on camp chosen

Registration: Visit to register.

Oklahoma State Wrestling Camp

About the camp: We have designed our Oklahoma State Wrestling Camps for wrestlers of various ages and skill levels. Wrestlers will be divided into small groups to receive personalized instruction throughout the week. Our dedicated staff and other coaches will serve as counselors. You will get the individual attention necessary to help you develop and enhance you skills.
Campers will be taught a style of wrestling that has helped me and the OSU wrestlers reach our highest goals. Wrestling is not a sport of brute strength nor isolated holds, so you must have a systematic approach to maximize the effectiveness of your attacks. Emphasis will be placed on learning high percentage takedown techniques. Leg attack set-ups and finishes will be taught thoroughly in an easy to understand fashion.

Who should attend: Boys age 7– 19.

Fees: Vary based on camp chosen

Registration: Visit  to register.

Missouri State Wrestling Camp

About the camp: At these camps, we will teach you to utilize the Tiger Style system. It’s a system that is easy to learn and execute in competition. This is an aggressive style of wrestling developed to score points through chain wrestling, from all three positions, for the entire match.

Who should attend: Elementary through High School Age Boys.

Fees: $375 for technique camps $850 for Tiger Style 30 camp

Registration: Visit to register.

Penn State Wrestling Camp

About the camp: Regardless of your skill level, we promise to give you the opportunity to improve your wrestling prowess through lecture, demonstration and plenty of on-mat application. My staff will be joined by many of our Penn State wrestlers to ensure you receive the instruction you need to become a more accomplished grappler.

Who should attend: Boys grades 6-12.

Fees: Vary based on camp chosen

Registration: Visit to register.

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