Wrestling Recruiting

Steps to be recruited and wrestle in college

There are certain steps you need to take if you plan on wrestling in college.

1)    Research the recruiting requirements and deadlines yourself or consult an expert, so you know what is expected of you.

2)    Make first contact.  Introduce yourself either my phone or email in a professional, yet memorable way.

3)    Ask a recruiting agency to develop an effective sports marketing package to promote your abilities to college coaches.

4)    Work on your technique and your endurance, so you are always improving your skill level.

5)    Make sure you have good grades and that you meet all the academic requirements.

6)    Ask your current wrestling coach for a recommendation letter that you can send to potential colleges.

7)    Try to build relationships with college coaches by quickly responding to any questions they might have about you and sending them regular updates on any significant new wins.

8)    Compete in as many wrestling matches and college wrestling camps as possible.

How college wrestlers are evaluated

Coaches are looking for wrestlers who have won state championships or have at least finished in the top 3 on multiple occasions.  The better you can place in important tournaments, the more likely you will be considered for college wrestling.

Size, stamina and technique all matter at the college level, so make sure you match up to your competition.  However, it won’t matter how good you are if college coaches do not know you exist.  Make sure you are doing everything in your power to gain positive exposure in front of potential coaches.

Academic requirements for college wrestling recruits

Wrestlers who want to continue at the college level need at least a 3.0 GPA for coaches to consider recruiting them.  However, the higher your grades, the better your chances will be because coaches look for athletes who take their education just as serious as their wrestling careers.      

Why college wrestling camps matter

College wrestling camps and showcases are opportunities for the toughest competitors to go head to head and see who really comes out on top!  They give you an opportunity to wrestle against the best athletes in the country, so you can be certain you are good enough to continue at the college level.

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