Men’s College Basketball Recruiting

How college basketball players are evaluated

Whether you are a center, small forward, or a point guard there are certain universal skills that college coaches are evaluating on every potential recruit.

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you demonstrate the following skills with finesse.

  • Exceptional Rebounding
  • Fast and accurate passing
  • Superior ball handling
  • Ability to make critical plays
  • Speed up and down the court
  • Minimum of 12 points per game
  • Ability to shoot and score from either side of the net

College coaches want versatile athletes who can lead a team to victory.  The more of these skills that you can effectively demonstrate to a coach, the better your chances will be of a scholarship.

Why college basketball camps matter

There is no better way to show a college how much you deserve a scholarship then to impress them at a college basketball camp.  College camps give you an opportunity to showcase your skills in direct comparison to other high school basketball players.  If you are good enough to earn a men’s basketball scholarship, this will be your chance to shine.

College camps will also help you to improve on your abilities with drills and technique building exercises.  If you want to play at the college level, you need to be constantly working on your game.  At a training camp you will witness your competition in action and it will motivate you to push yourself further and further.

If you attend a college camp at a school you are interesting in attending, it will give you an opportunity to check out the campus and possible meet future teammates.  Make sure you introduce yourself to the coach and express your sincere interest in their basketball program.

Be recruited and play men’s college basketball

There are certain steps that you need to take if you want to play basketball at the college level.

1)    Research the recruiting academic requirements for every potential college when you are a freshman, so you know what is expected of you.

2)    Mail an introductory letter explaining your accomplishments to as many men’s basketball coaches as possible.

3)    Talk with a recruiting agency about how you can develop an effective sports marketing plan to promote yourself to college coaches.

4)    Practice drills in your spare time, so you are constantly improving on your natural abilities.

5)    Attend any basketball showcases and training camps to increase your exposure.

6)    Make sure you have good grades.

7)    Ask for a recommendation letter from your current coach.

8)    Try to build relationships with college coaches by staying in touch with them on a regular basis.

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