Men’s College Basketball Scholarships

There are a lot of crucial steps that a basketball player has to take to go from playing hoops in high school to starring in the NBA.  You may be the best point guard in your school, but that is not enough to guarantee that you will earn a scholarship.  Men’s basketball scholarships are only given to a few select players who are proven leaders on their team.

Recruiters and coaches start looking at potential candidates to fill their roster as soon as they are freshman.  Coaches want to reward players that are focused on their future at a young age and who have reached out to them for advice and guidance.  The more dedicated you are to the long scholarship process, the more serious a college coach will take you.  They want players who don’t give up easily!

How to get a Men’s Basketball Scholarship

If you are looking to try to land a men’s basketball scholarship than you need to really stand out on your team and other players in your division.  You need to be a superstar on the court and in your academic studies.  You also need a proven marketing plan to make sure college coaches know you exist.

Another component that is necessary to get a men’s basketball scholarship is by being a positive role model and leading the players on your team to victory.  Scholarships are awarded to well-rounded individuals who have solid reputations for working with the players on their team to improve the team as a whole.

Getting Noticed by Men’s Basketball Coaches

Make plans to visit the college campuses of where you would like to attend and try to schedule a few minutes with the coach.  If you are fortunate enough to secure a few moments of the coach’s time, then invite him to come watch you play.  Once you get a coach to attend your game, your skills on the court should be all you need to win him over.

If a coach comes to watch you play, be prepared to impress him with your talent every second you are on that court!

Another way to get noticed by a basketball coach is to create a video demonstrating your skills, with highlight clips and drill exercises.  A video gives the coach the ability to assess your talents at their leisure from the comforts of their home or office, before committing to travel and to watch an entire basketball game.

Improve your odds of earning a scholarship for basketball

If you want to improve your odds of winning a basketball scholarship then it you should be attending high profile basketball training camps and summer basketball programs.  It helps to build your sports resume, by winning skill competitions or the championship for your division.

Playing as often as possible is also a great way to show your commitment to basketball.  Scholarships are only award to the hardest working athletes who have marketed themselves as essential leaders for any squad.  Join training camps, get exposure and work hard at it.

Men’s College Basketball Scholarship Availability

How many high school basketball players am I competing against?

In 2010-2011 year there were 545,844 high school male basketball players.

How many basketball players were in Division 1 in 2010-2011?

In 1990-1991, there were 295 Division 1 basketball teams comprised out of 4,508 players.  In the 2010-2011season there were 5199 players on 337 teams.  Men’s Division 1 basketball has grown by 42 teams and 691 players just within the last twenty years.

How many Division 1 Scholarships are available?
For the 545,844 high school hopefuls, there were 4472 men’s basketball scholarships available for Division 1 teams.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 1 if you make the team?

Considering that out of the 545,844 high school player, there will only be 5,199 talented basketball stars that will end up making the team, your chance are not very high of playing at the college level.   However, there are 4472 scholarships that will be given out, so if you make the team that is an 86% chance of receiving a scholarship.

How many basketball players were in Division 2 in 2010-2011?

In 2020-2011, there were 302 teams and 5000 basketball players in division 2.  That is a approximately a 50% increase from the 204 teams in 1990-1991.

How many Division 2 Scholarships are available?
Division 2 had 2820 men’s basketball scholarships available for the 545,844 high school basketball players.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 2 if you make the team?

If you are lucky enough to be one of the 5,000 players chosen for Division 2, then you will have an excellent chance of receiving one of the 2,820 scholarships.

How many basketball players were in Division 3 in 2010-2011?

Twenty years ago in 1990-1991 there were 5227 male basketball players in Division 3 playing on 296 teams.  In 2010-2011, that number increased to 7301 athletes on 412 teams.

How many Division 3 Scholarships are available?

There are no men’s basketball scholarships available for division 3 teams, although financial aid is available.

How many NAIA Basketball Scholarships are available?

There are 4335 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics scholarships available.

How many Junior College Basketball Scholarships are available?
There are 8400 NJCAA college basketball scholarships available for the 545,844 high school basketball players who need them.


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