Men’s College Golf Recruiting

Steps to be recruited and play golf in college

Here are the steps you should take if you want to be recruited to a men’s college golf program:

1)    Ask an expert for recruiting advice.  There requirements, guidelines and deadlines that you need to stay on top of in order to be eligible.

2)    Send out a personalized letter introducing yourself and your accomplishments to every potential coach.

3)    Ask for a recommendation letter from your current golf instructor or coach.

4)    Hire a recruiting professional to develop an effective marketing package with a highlight video that you can use to sell yourself to potential coaches.

5)    Sign up for college golf combines and camps to increase your exposure.

6)    Maintain a high GPA and try to earn awards for extra circular activities to show that you are well-rounded.

7)    Build good relationships with college coaches by always responding to their questions in a timely and professional manner.

8)    Practice your drive, your putting and your short game to make sure that you will be competitive at the college level.

How college male golfers are evaluated

College coaches are looking for golfers who can consistently break par and wine tournaments.  Coaches want to recruit golfers who have an average of 72 for 18 holes in state or national tournaments.  The better your average at important events, the better your chance will be.

Your personal reputation and your ability to interact with coaches are also crucial to being successfully recruited.  Make sure to introduce yourself early, to always answer questions promptly and professionally and to keep coaches informed of any new accomplishments.

Academic requirements for college golfing recruits

Your commitment to your education is just as important as your commitment to the game of golf.  There are 16 specific courses that you need to excel in just in order to be eligible.  You also need a 3.0 or better grade point average to prove to coaches that you take school seriously.

Why college golf combines matter

Golf combines matter if you are trying to secure one of the limited openings on a college golf team.  It takes more than just hard work, a 72 par average, and the ability to build solid relationships with college coaches to guarantee your acceptance into college.

Coaches won’t know what an incredible golfer you, if they don’t get a chance to see you in action.  Golf combines and tournaments are the quickest way to gain exposure while demonstrating your skill in a competitive environment.  

Need Help Getting Recruited?

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