Men’s Lacrosse Recruiting

Be recruited and play men’s lacrosse in college

The necessary steps in order to be recruited for college lacrosse are as follows;

1)    Send out a personalized and professional introduction letter to every potential college coach that accurately explains who you are and why you would be an asset to their lacrosse team.

2)    Meet with a recruitment professional, so that you understand all of the requirements, guidelines and deadlines.

3)    Practice your stick handling, your speed and your accuracy by playing as often as possible.

4)    Hire a recruitment specialist that can create an effective marketing package with a link to a highlight video that you can email to lacrosse coaches after you have made first contact.

5)    Invite coaches to your next lacrosse game, so they can assess you in action.

6)    Maintain a high grade point average!  Coaches will always choose an athlete who does well in school over someone who struggles with their studies.

7)    Build positive relationships with college coaches by keeping them informed on all of your recent accomplishments.

How men’s college lacrosse players are evaluated

Coaches are looking for lacrosse players who are team leaders with All-State honors.  They want diverse players who have a 4 year varsity history of success.  The more impressive your stats, the more likely a college coach will consider you for his roster.

If you are able to convince a lacrosse coach to watch you in action; then make sure you are clearly demonstrating your ball handling, your speed and your ability to score from anywhere.  The better you can showcase your range of athletic abilities, the better your chance will be of being recruited.

Academic requirements for college lacrosse recruits

Your SAT scores and your GPA will matter when you apply for college, even if your only motivation is to play lacrosse.  Your performance in school is as important as your performance on the field.  Colleges won’t accept a poor student, no matter how great they are at lacrosse. 

Why men’s college lacrosse recruiting camps matter

Men’s lacrosse recruiting camps and showcases are essential if you want to demonstrate your capabilities to potential college coaches.  They also give you an inside look at how competitive lacrosse actually is at the college level.  You can compare your ball handling skills to all the other high school players who are competing against you for the limited open positions on a college team.

Lacrosse recruiting camps also give you an opportunity to perform in front of potential college coaches.  These are your chances to shine, so you can secure a place on a college team.  They are also a great way to market yourself, if you are hoping to receive a men’s lacrosse scholarship.

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