Men’s College Swimming & Diving Recruiting

Be recruited to swim or dive competitively in college

The necessary steps in order to be recruited for men’s college swimming programs are:

1)    Make sure you are constantly working on improving your speed.  Coaches have expected finishing times that you to need to meet or exceed.

2)    Meet with a recruitment expert, so you can learn about all of the requirements, guidelines and deadlines.

3)    Send out a personalized and professional introduction letter to every potential college coach.

4)    Hire a recruitment specialist to create an effective marketing package that includes a link to a highlight video that you can send to coaches after you made a successful first contact.

5)    Invite coaches to your swim meets, so college coaches can see how you perform in the pool when the pressure is on.

6)    Get good grades!  Coaches will always pick an athlete who has received academic awards over someone who is struggling in school.

7)    Be well-rounded.  Make sure coaches see that you have a reputation for being a hard worker in and out of the pool.

8)    Build positive relationships with college coaches by keeping them informed on all of your recent achievements and responding to their questions promptly.

How male swimmers are evaluated

Swimmers are evaluated on their speed and performance when the pressure is on.  The higher you place in major tournaments, the more likely a coach will consider you for their aquatics program.  Coaches expect a male swimmer to finish 100m in less than a minute for both the back and breast stroke.

Coaches also are looking for swimmers who can place in the top three in a 50m freestyle competition, as well as a 500m freestyle event.  The more flexibility you have as a swimmer, the more likely a coach will think of you as a potential asset to their team.

Academic requirements for college swimming recruits

You may be the fastest swimmer in your high school, but it won’t get you into a college aquatic program if you do not meet the academic requirements.  Colleges require you to maintain a 3.0 GPA and score a minimum of 1000 on your SATs in order to be considered for admission.

Why college swimming showcases matter

A showcase is an opportunity to improve on your speed, learn new techniques and be introduced to potential college coaches.  If you plan on continuing to swim competitively while you are in college, then you will need exposure at showcases and training camps.

The more you attend, the more likely you will catch a college coach’s interest.  They look for athletes who are driven to practice and compete whenever possible.  They also look for winners, so make sure you are finishing in the front of the pack every time.

Need Help Getting Recruited?

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