Men’s Swimming & Diving Scholarships

With men’s swimming & diving being some of the most watches events in the Olympics, the competition for college scholarships is incredibly intense.  Swimmers who have the potential for a scholarship start working on their goal when they are still very young.   Competitive swimmers & divers are in the pool improving their skill and precision every single day!

You need to either be the faster swimmer or the most poised diver in your division to consider at the college level.  You also need to grab a college coach’s attention, so that he watches you at your next competitive meet.

How to get a Men’s Swimming & Diving Scholarship

In order to receive a scholarship for men’s swimming & diving you need to stand out and get recognized by college coaches when you are a freshman.  It starts by marketing yourself as a rising star who has demonstrated the potential to enhance their existing swim team.

Start by sending a well written introductory letter that clearly depicts all of your attributes when you are a freshman.  Use it as an opportunity to make a real connection with each college swimming & diving coach that you approach.  College coaches know their current stars will soon graduate, so they start evaluating freshmen who have the potential to fill spots later on.

Getting Noticed by Men’s Swimming & Diving Coaches

Once you have introduced yourself to the coach, the next step is to impress them with your professional sports resume and your powerful high light video.  Make sure the video is simple, accurate and straight to the point.  Every college coach’s time is extremely valuable, so don’t waste any of it with special effects or long drawn out speeches.

After a coach has had time to review your impressive marketing package, then you should invite him to watch your swim.  If your resume and video have done their job, then the coach should be interested enough to take time out of his schedule to watch you dominate in the pool.

Improve Your Odds of Earning a Men’s Swimming & Diving College Scholarship

The fundamental steps to improving your odds is getting noticed, making a good first impression, being consistently a star in the pool and demonstrating everything you have to offer in an effective marketing package.  Make sure you know how to build solid relationship with potential swimming & diving coaches, because they hold your future in their hands.

Your dedication to your education is another important factor that can increase your chances of an athletic scholarship.  Coaches will pick athlete`s with solid GPA, ACT, SAT scores or academic honors instead of players who have struggled with their studies. Coaches prefer athletes that take their education seriously, because it normally means that the athlete takes their training in the pool just as seriously.

College Men’s Swimming & diving Scholarship Availability

How many high school swimmers & divers am I competing against?

With 133,900 swimmers and divers competing at the high school level, it is fierce competition to even earn a spot on a college swim team.

How many male swimmers & divers were in Division 1 in 2010-2011?

In 2010-2011 there were 136 division1 swim teams comprised of 3,837 swimmers & divers.  That is a slight decline from the 159 teams and 3,929 swimmers & divers in 1990-1991.

How many Division 1 Scholarships are available for male swimmers & divers?

For men’s aquatic programs there are 1,326 scholarships available at division 1 colleges.  When you consider there are 133,900 high school male swimmers that is only a 1% chance that you will end up competing at the college level.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 1 if you make the team?
If you are fortunate enough to secure one of the 3,837 swim team positions on a division 1 college swim team, then you have a 35% chance of receiving one of the 1,326 scholarships that are offered.

How many male swimmers & divers were in Division 2 in 2010-2011?

Male swimming has grown from only 49 teams and 1,000 swimmers in 1990-1991 to 69 teams and 1,379 athletes in 2010-2011.  That is almost a 38% increase in only twenty years.

How many Division 2 Scholarships are available?

At division 2 colleges there are only 437 swimming and diving scholarships available.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 2 if you make the team?

At division 2 colleges there are 1,379 spots available and 437 scholarships, which gives you almost a 32% chance of being awarded a scholarship if you end up being good enough to secure one of the 1,379 open positions.

How many male swimmers & divers players were in Division 3 in 2010-2011?

In 2010-2011, division 3 had 205 swim programs and 3,997competitors which grew from only 157 teams and 3,824 swimmers and divers twenty years prior in 1990-1991.

How many Division 3 Scholarships are available?

Unfortunately, division 3 schools do not have any scholarship to offer to their aquatic programs.

How many NAIA Swimming & diving Scholarships are available?

There are only 160 swimming and diving scholarships available at NAIA colleges for all of the 133,900 high school competitors who may apply.

How many Junior College Swimming & diving Scholarships are available?

The NJCAA colleges have an additional 840 men’s aquatic scholarships that they can award to any of the 133,900 high school swimmers.

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