Men’s College Tennis Recruiting

Steps to be recruited and play men’s college tennis

These are the necessary steps if you want to be recruited to play college tennis:

1)    Make sure you know about every recruitment requirement, guideline and deadline, so you don’t miss out based on a technicality.

2)    Send out an introduction letter that explains your accomplishments to every potential college coach. If you use email, do not send it as a mass mailing campaign.  You should gear each letter to each specific college.

3)    Work on your speed, your serve and your ability to win when the pressure is on.

4)    Hire a recruiting professional to create an effective marketing package and highlight video that you can give to potential coaches.

5)    Sign up for as many tennis training camps and showcases that you can to gain exposure at the college level.

6)    Build solid relationships with college coaches by always responding to their questions in a timely and professional manner.

7)    Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA and try to earn awards for extra circular activities to demonstrate that you are more than just an athlete.

How male tennis players are evaluated

College coaches evaluate tennis players on their speed, their statistics, and their consistency.  They want athletes who have won numerous regional and national tournaments when the pressure is on.  They are looking for the #1 single or #1 doubles tennis player in each division.

You should be a four year varsity tennis player who has either been a regional or state champion.  Coaches expect athletic awards such as All-County, All-Conference, All-State, MVP, or Player of the Year on a potential recruit’s sports resume.  Coaches also look for players who have attended showcases and tennis training camps, since it shows a dedication to tennis.

Academic requirements for men’s college tennis recruits

Your education should be just as important as your passion for tennis.  An athlete’s grades are fundamental to being accepted into any college program and colleges expect to see a 3.0 grade point average and a 1000 or higher score on your SATs.

Why college tennis camps matter for male athletes

If you want to continue playing tennis at the college level, then you need to attend recognized tennis training camps and showcases.  These will give coaches a chance to see your talents in action and that you are constantly working on improving your game.  The better tennis player that you become, the better your chances will be of being recruited.

Need Help Getting Recruited?

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