Men’s Tennis Scholarships

Men’s tennis greats are fast, flexible and fierce on the court and the same drive is necessary if you are hoping to earn a men’s tennis scholarship.  You need to start investigating your recruiting opportunities when you are young, so you have time to establish yourself in a coach’s mind when he is looking for new recruits.   You need agility and speed on the court to be considered good enough to compete in college, but more importantly you also need to know how to professionally market yourself as the next greatest tennis superstar.

Tennis coaches are busy working with their own players and they don’t always find the time to research new recruits.  It is essential that you make first contact and that you give college coaches a reason to follow your progress.  Otherwise you will lose out to less talented tennis players who would able to market themselves more effectively than you.

How to get a Men’s College Tennis Scholarship

In order to receive a scholarship for men’s tennis you need to stand out and get recognized by college coaches when you are still a freshman.  A coach wants to see how you progress during high school.  It starts by marketing yourself as a rising star to every potential coach.  You have to show coaches that you can win regional and state championships.

Just be a good student, maintain a clean reputation and build solid relationships with as many college coaches as possible.  The better you can sell yourself to a coach, the better chances he will consider you for a scholarship.

Getting Noticed by Men’s Tennis Coaches

Once you have introduced yourself to the coach, the next step is to impress them with a professional sports resume and a video that markets your skills and accomplishments.  Make sure the video is interesting, yet simple and straight to the point.  Every coach’s time is incredibly valuable, so don’t waste any of it with fancy special effects and long drawn out stories.

After a coach has reviewed your professional marketing package, invite him to watch your next important tennis match.  If your resume and video are well written and effective, then the coach should be interested enough to watch you up close and personal.  Once a coach is interested, it is up to you to hold their interest until you graduate from high school.

Steps to improve your odds of earning a Men’s Tennis Scholarship

The necessary steps to improving your odds of getting noticed is making a good impression first, being a strong competitive and demonstrating everything you have to offer to every potential college coach.  Make sure you know how to properly market yourself and how to build lasting relationship with as many potential tennis coaches as possible.

Your dedication to your education is another important way you can increase your chances of receiving a men’s tennis scholarship.  Coaches will choose athletes that take their studies seriously over tennis players who struggle in school, because it usually means they take tennis just as seriously, if not more.  There are also certain academic requirements that you have to meet in order to be eligible.

College Men’s Tennis Scholarship Availability

How many high school boys tennis players am I competing against?

In 2010-2011, there were 161,367 male tennis players competing at the high school level.

How many male tennis players were in Division 1 in 2010-2011?

For men’s tennis there were 256 teams with 2,657 players in 2010-2011.  That was a significant decrease from the 273 teams and 3,085 players back in 1990-1991.

How many Division 1 Men’s Tennis Scholarships are available?

There are 1,183 scholarships for male tennis players at division 1 colleges that can be awarded to any of the 161,367 high school tennis players.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 1 if you make the team?
There are 1,183 men’s tennis scholarships available in division one and only 2,657 who are talented enough to play at the college level.  That means you would have almost a 50% chance of a scholarship if you are one of the lucky 161,367 high school players who are talented enough to secure a spot.

How many male tennis players were in Division 2 in 2010-2011?

In 2010-2011 division 2 colleges had 175 teams and 1,744 male tennis players.  That was a slight increase from the 153 teams and 1,573 players twenty years prior in 1990-1991.

How many Division 2 Men’s Tennis Scholarships are available?

Division 2 colleges have 724 scholarships available for male tennis players.  That is a less than one percent changes for the 161,367 male tennis players who could apply.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 2 if you make the team?

Since there are 724 tennis scholarships and only 1,744 players that make it to the college level, your odds of receiving fund are pretty good.  They are good, if you make the team.  There are over 160,000 male tennis players at the high school level and only 1,744 will end up playing in a division 2 tennis program.

How many male tennis players were in Division 3 in 2010-2011?

Division 3 colleges grew from only 266 teams with 3,035 tennis players in 1990-1991 to 327 teams and 3,649 players in 2010-2011.  That is over a 20% increase in just twenty years.

How many Division 3 Men’s Tennis Scholarships are available?
Unfortunately division 3 does not have scholarships to award to male tennis players, but they do offer other forms of financial aid.

How many NAIA Tennis Men’s Tennis Scholarships are available?

NAIA colleges can award up to 460 scholarships to male tennis players.

How many Junior College Men’s Tennis Scholarships are available?

Junior colleges have 1,080 men’s tennis scholarships that they can offer to the over 160,000 high school guys who are currently playing tennis at the high school level.


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