Men’s Track and Field Recruiting

Be recruited and compete in men’s track and field in college

The necessary steps in order to be recruited for a college men’s track and field program are:

1)    Make sure you are constantly working on improving your technique, your speed and your physical strength.  Track & field coaches are looking for impressive and consistent results from potential recruits.

2)    Meet with a recruitment expert, so you can learn about all of the requirements, guidelines and deadlines.

3)    Send out a personalized and professional introduction letter to every potential college coach.

4)    Hire a recruitment specialist to create an effective marketing package that includes a link to a highlight video that you can send to coaches after you made a successful first contact.

5)    Invite coaches to your track meets, so college coaches can see how you perform when the pressure is on.

6)    Get good grades!  Coaches will always pick an athlete who has received academic awards over someone who is struggling in school.

7)    Be a well-rounded individual.  Make sure coaches see that you have a reputation for being a hard worker in general.

8)    Build positive, lasting relationships with college coaches by keeping them informed on all of your recent achievements and responding to their questions promptly.

How male track and field athletes are evaluated

Coaches are looking for 4 year varsity track stars who are either the team captain of MVP at the high school level.  Potential recruits consistently place in the top three in their respective events during important competitions.

The most important thing is to make sure participate in high profile competitions, so coaches have a chance to compare you to track stars from other schools.  When you compete against the best in the country, you’ll be able to evaluate for yourself how you really stack up against tough competition.

Academic requirements for men’s college track and field recruits

You are not just looking at qualifying to compete in track and field at the college level; you also need to worry about qualifying academically.  There are specific requirements that every college has for eligibility, like a 3.0 grade point average.  Coaches will also choose a track and field who does better in school over someone who has trouble passing their classes. 

Why college track and field camps matter for male athletes

Track and field training camps and showcases all give you the opportunity to gain college exposure in a competitive environment.  You will be up against every other high school superstar and it is important that you consistently score in the top three.

College coaches expect to see training camps, showcases and combines on your sports resume, as well as all of your successful track meets.  The more experience you have, the more likely a coach will consider you for their team.

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