Women’s Basketball Recruiting

How women’s college basketball athletes are evaluated

The feedback from surveying women’s college coaches is that they evaluate your stats first and then they decide if it is worth it to pursue you any further.  Coaches want to review your average rebounds, assists and points scored per game to make sure you are worth their time.  Make sure to keep accurate and updated records of your performance and to present them professionally to a coach whenever possible.

If you are able to grab a coach’s attention and convince them to watch you in action; then make sure you are clearly demonstrating your ball handling, your speed and your ability to score from any position.  The better you can showcase your range of athletic abilities, the better your chance will be of impressing them enough to recruit you.

Why basketball camps matter for women recruits

Women’s college basketball camps and showcases are essential if you are hoping to be recruited by a college basketball coach.  Coaches want players who are willing to go above and beyond to improve on their skills.  It is hard to be recognized as being a great female basketball player when you are still in high school and reputable college camps will give you the exposure you need, especially if you are hoping to receive a scholarship for women’s basketball.

Basketball camps and showcases will also give you an opportunity to investigate your competition.  There is an advantage to playing with or against other all-star athletes.  You will push yourself harder, so that you stay competitive and still shine compared to other talented female basketball players.  Don’t miss you opportunity to play at the college level simply because you didn’t want to attend a summer training camp.

Steps to be recruited and play women’s college basketball

These are the necessary steps you should take if you want to be recruited to play women’s college basketball:

1)    Make sure you know all recruitment requirements, guidelines and deadlines.

2)    Send out an introduction letter that explains your accomplishments to every potential college coach. If you use email, do not make it a mass mailing.  You should gear each letter to each specific college.

3)    Practice your speed, your passing, your ball handling and your ability to make basketballs from anyone on the court.

4)    Consider hiring a recruiting professional to create an effective marketing package and highlight video that you can give to potential coaches.

5)    Sign up for every basketball camp and showcase to gain exposure at the college level.

6)    Build solid relationships with college basketball coaches by always responding to their questions in a timely and professional manner.

7)    Maintain a high GPA and try to earn awards for extra circular activities to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded person.

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