Women’s Cross Country Recruiting

How women’s college cross country athletes are evaluated

The number one thing a cross country coach is going to evaluate is your speed.  You need impressive finishing times and you need the ability to push yourself ahead of the pack every time you compete.  Coaches will also look at the consistency of you finishing times and how many events you compete in each year.

If you think you are fast enough, then compare yourself with the standards college coaches set.  Coaches are looking for runners who can finish a 5km race in less than 16 minutes and a 10km finishing time around 31-35 minutes.  If you are not there yet, keep trying.  The more you train, the more often you run, the faster your will be.

Why women’s college cross country camps matter

It is important to attend college cross country camps and running workshops, so that college coaches can see your commitment and determination.  Coaches look for runners who are always trying to push themselves further and faster.

Running camps will also push you to be faster, because you will be competing against the best runners in the country.  If you want to be recruited for women’s cross country at the college level, then you need to keep up with every other high school competitor.

Steps to be recruited to run cross country in college

There are certain steps you need to take if you want to run cross country in college.

1)    Research the recruiting requirements or consult an expert, so you know what is expected of you.

2)    Make a good first impression.  Introduce yourself either my phone or email in a professional, yet memorable way.

3)    Talk with a recruiting agency and ask them to develop an effective sports marketing package to promote your abilities to college cross country coaches.

4)    Work on your speed and your endurance, so you are always improving on your finishing time.

5)    Make sure you have good grades and that you meet all the academic requirements.

6)    Ask your current coach for a recommendation letter that you can send to potential colleges.

7)    Try to build relationships with cross country coaches by staying in touch with them and by quickly responding to any questions they might have about you.

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