Women’s Golf Recruiting

Steps to be recruited and play women’s golf in college

There are certain steps you need to take if you plan on golfing in college.

1)    Research the recruiting requirements and deadlines yourself or consult an expert, so you know what is expected of you.

2)    Make first contact early by introducing yourself in a professional, yet memorable way.

3)    Ask a recruiting agency to put together an effective sports marketing package to promote your abilities to potential college golf coaches.

4)    Practice your swing, your putting and your drive as often as possible, so you improve on your golf game.

5)    Make sure you have good grades and that you meet all the academic requirements.

6)    Ask your current golf coach for a recommendation letter that you can include in your marketing package.

7)    Try to build relationships with college coaches by quickly responding to any questions they might have about you and sending them regular updates on any significant new wins.

8)    Compete in as many golf tournaments, training camps and showcases as possible.

How female college golfers are evaluated

More and more women are becoming interested in golf as a profession which has turned being recruited into a rigorous and daunting process.  Coaches expect you to have a below par average, to win significant tournaments, to excel in school and to be able to market yourself as an asset to any college.

The expectations are high, but the reward is worth it.  Could you image spending the rest of your life golfing for a living?  Many professional golfers live that dream and it could be you, if you are able to gain enough exposure to be evaluated by a college coach. 

Academic requirements for college golf recruits

The academic requirements for golf recruits are the same for all college recruits.  You need a 3.0 grade point average in high school and a minimum score of 1000 on your SATs.  Very few exceptions are made, so make sure your grades are not what hold you back from getting the most of your future.

Why college golfing showcases matter for women golfers

Being able to demonstrate your drive and your putting in front of college coaches is essential if you are hoping to be recruited.  Showcases are created to give good high school golfers a chance to experience college level competition in front of potential recruiters.

The more exposure you get in tournaments, showcases and golf training camps, the more likely a college coach will be interested in you.  They look for golfers who go above and beyond to practice their game.

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