Women’s Golf Scholarships

Ladies golf is gaining more and more media attention making it a hot sport with serious competition for scholarship.  Shooting below par and winning tournaments in your division is not enough to guarantee that you will be considered for a scholarship.  There are too many other great high school golfers who are going to do everything in their power to make sure they get a scholarship over you.

You have to build interest in yourself, so coaches will start to follow your progress.  You could be the best golfer in your high school, but it won’t matter if you don’t know how to market yourself to college coaches.

How to get a Women’s Golf Scholarship

Golf takes a mind over matter approach to tackle each shot with the right force and precision.  The same can be said for the scholarship process.  It takes knowing how to approach coaches, how to professional market oneself and skills on the golf course above and beyond almost every other female golfer in your region.

Start by researching the academic requirements to make sure that you are taking the necessary sixteen courses to be eligible for a scholarship.  Grades can become a deciding factor, so it is important that you take school seriously.  It is also necessary to find ways to get in touch with college coaches and develop relationships early on in high school.

Getting Noticed by Women’s Golf Coaches

Coaches spend the majority of their time working with their current golfers on developing their skills and improving their swing.  They don`t have a lot of time to chase down potential golfers.  If you want your fair chance at a women`s golf scholarship than you have to take the first step and approach coaches from as many colleges as possible.

Start by introducing yourself and your accomplishments in a well put together marketing package.  Your first contact should include your athletic profile, resume and any recommendations from your current coaches.  It also never hurts to include score cards from tournaments you have excelled in.

Steps to improve your odds of earning a Women’s Golf Scholarship

The best way to increase your odds is by entering and winning as many amateur tournaments as possible.  Make sure that you keep all of your stats, since coaches will want to see exactly how you on did on different types of courses.  Challenging tournaments will also give you more experience playing under pressure.  If you are truly fortunate, you might receive some unexpected media exposure just by winning a well-known charity tournament.

Practice as often as possible and maintain strong relationships with every golf coach you meet.  Make sure you have good grades in all sixteen of the core courses that are required for eligibility, since they may end up being a deciding factor if it is down to you and another golfer whose stats are just as impressive.

College Women’s Golf Scholarship Availability

How many female high school golfers are competing for scholarships?

There were 71,764 female high school golfers in 2010-2011

How many female golfers were in Division 1 in 2010-2011?

There were 248 golf teams and 2,099 female golfers in 2010-2011 in Division 1.  That is more than a 100% increase from the 955 female golfers in 1990-1991.

How many Division 1 Scholarships are available for female golfers?

There are 1,488 scholarships available for the 71,764 female high school golfers.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 1 if you make the team?

Only 2,099 female golfers will make the cut to play at a Division 1 college, but fortunately 1,488 will be awarded a scholarship for doing so.  Those are pretty grades odds, once you beat the odds of being one of the less than 3% who end up playing Division 1 golf.

How many female  golfers were in Division 2 in 2010-2011?

There were only 18 teams and 152 female golfers back in 1990-1991.  In 2010-2011, there were now 226 teams and 2,328 golfers.  That is over a 1400% increase in only twenty years!

How many Division 2 Scholarships are available for female golfers?

For Division 2 colleges there are only 864 scholarships available for female golfers.

What are you odds of receiving a scholarship in Division 2 if you make the team?

There are only 1,236 female golfers in Division 2, but there are 864 scholarships to assist those athletes in funding their education.  That is almost a 70% chance of receiving a scholarship, once you make the team.

How many female golfers were in Division 3 in 2010-2011?

Division 3 has had the most significant growth for female golfers.  In 2010-2011 there were 3,157 female golfers on 293 Division 3 teams.  That is a huge jump from the 23 teams and 167 players twenty years earlier in 1990-1991.

How many Division 3 Scholarships are available for female golfers?

Division 3 does not offer women’s golf scholarships.

How many NAIA Women’s Golf Scholarships are available?

The NAIA has 615 women’s golf scholarships available for the 71,764 interested female high school golfers.

How many Junior College Women’s Golf Scholarships are available?

There are 904 NJCAA scholarships available for female golfers.

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