Women’s Gymnastics Recruiting

Compete in women’s gymnastics at the college level

There are several important steps that you should take if you want to compete in college gymnastics as a woman.

1)    Mail an introduction letter explaining why you deserve one of the limited spots available on a college women’s gymnastics team.

2)    Talk to a recruiting agency about how you can develop an effective sports marketing package to give to potential college coaches.

3)    Compete in as many gymnastics meets as you can and make sure that you consistently place in the top three.

4)    Make sure you have good grades and that you research all of the necessary academic requirements for every college that you are interested in attending.

5)    Ask for a recommendation letter from your current gymnastics coaches and school teachers.

6)    Build relationships with potential college coaches by quickly responding to their inquiries and by keeping them updated on any new accomplishments.

7)    Practice your routines daily and try to increase the difficulty level if possible.

How female gymnasts are evaluated by college coaches

Gymnastic competitions are tough, especially when you get to the college level.  You need perfection when performing Olympic quality routines to even be considered by a college coach.  Coaches will be closely watching your footwork, your poise and your ability to execute difficult positions with grace and precision.

Coaches will evaluate your performance record going back as far as your freshman year.  Make sure that you an accurate and update sports resume with you any time there is the potential of meeting with a potential coach.

Academic requirements for college women’s gymnastics recruits

You don’t only need impressive scores from the judges, you also need a solid 1000 points on your SATs, to be given a gymnastics opportunity at the college level.  Your dedication to your schoolwork is a reflection on your work ethic, so you need to take it seriously.

Why college women’s gymnastics camps matter

Any opportunity to showcase your talents will improve your chances of being recognized by a college coach.  Gymnastics camps are fundamental to improve your technique, develop more difficult routines and market yourself to potential coaches.

Camps and showcases will also give you an opportunity to investigate your competition.  There is an advantage to competing against other superstar gymnasts.  You will push yourself harder, so that you stay competitive and still place in the top three despite the fierce competition.

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