Women’s Swimming Recruiting

Steps to be recruited and swim competitively in college

Here are the steps you need to take if you hope to be recruited for a women’s college level aquatic program:

1)    Talk to an expert on recruiting.  There are professionals who understand all of the complex requirements, guidelines and deadlines.

2)    Send out an introduction letter that details your accomplishments to every potential college. If you use email, do not send it as a mass mailing.  You should personalize each letter to each specific college.

3)    Practice your speed and your technique to make sure that you can be competitive at the college level.

4)    Compete in as many showcases and tournaments as possible to gain exposure.

5)    Hire a recruiting professional to develop an effective marketing package with a highlight video that you can use to sell yourself to potential coaches.

6)    Maintain a high GPA and make sure you earn a 1000 point score or better on your SATs.

7)    Build real relationships with as many college coaches as possible by keeping them informed of any new accomplishments or awards.

How female swimmers are evaluated

Female swimmers are evaluated on their speed, technique and consistency.  If you think you are good enough to swim in college than you should be averaging around 5 minutes for a 500m freestyle swim and around a minute for a 100m back stroke.  The faster your times, the more likely it will stand out on a sports resume.

It will help your chances if you have placed in the top three in regional or national competitions and if you are a versatile swimmer.  The more events you can compete in, the more of an asset you will be on a college team.

Academic requirements for women’s swimming & diving college recruits

Anyone applying to college needs good grades in order to get in and athletes are no exception.  It takes a 3.0 grade point average a score of 1000 points on high on the SATs just to be eligible for admission.  Don’t put you’re your studies on hold for more time in the pool or you will end up drowning in regret.    

Why women’s college swimming camps matter

Swimming showcases give you a rare opportunity to compete against the fastest swimmers in the country while being evaluated by potential coaches.  They have rigorous schedules and it will push you to perform at your best when your body has already been worked to its limits.

Training camps and showcases are designed to improve your athleticism and give you exposure to potential college coaches.  Swimming coaches want swimmers who are dedicated enough to their training that they are willing to do it year round.

Need Help Getting Recruited?

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