Women’s Volleyball Recruiting

Steps to be recruited and play women’s volleyball in college

There are several crucial steps that you should take to be recruited for women’s college volleyball.

1)    Mail an introduction letter explaining why you deserve one of the limited spots available on a college women’s volleyball team.

2)    Talk to a recruiting agency about how you can develop an effective sports marketing package to give to potential college coaches.

3)    Participate in any volleyball training camps and showcases that you can to gain exposure.

4)    Make sure you maintain good grades and that you research all of the necessary academic requirements for colleges that you are interested in attending.

5)    Ask for a recommendation letter from your current volleyball coaches and school teachers.

6)    Build relationships with potential college coaches by quickly responding to their inquiries and by keeping them updated on any new accomplishments.

7)    Practice your serve, your setups and your accuracy, so you are always improving on your technique.

How women’s volleyball players are evaluated

College coaches are looking for team captains who have led their squad to victory in all-state and all-conference tournaments.  They want women with club experience and impressive stats throughout high school.

Coaches are looking at your serve, your offensive abilities and your ability to make game changing plays in pressure situations.  The stronger you perform, the more likely you will earn one of the few open positions on a college team.

Academic requirements for college volleyball recruits

In order to be eligible for a college volleyball program, you need to have a 3.0 grade point average and a 1000 or better on your SATs.  The recruiting process is highly competitive and good grades can end up being the deciding factor.

Why college volleyball camps matter

Most college coaches require that their recruits attend volleyball training camps and showcases, since it reconfirms their commit to volleyball.  Camps are opportunities to perfect your serve, practice your returns and compete against other strong volleyball players.

These camps also give you an inside look at how competitive volleyball actually is when you play at the college level.  You can compare your skills directly against all of the other high school players who will be competing against you for the few open positions on college teams.

Need Help Getting Recruited?

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